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What’s your story?

I’m Sandy Rideout, a writer, author, ghostwriter, collaborator, and all-round communications maven.  I specialize in uncovering compelling stories that enlighten, inspire, and promote great products and services.

Do you have knowledge, experience or insights that you’re eager to share with the right audience, in the right way?  If so, I want to hear from you.  I love working with smart, skilled, talented people who are too busy living their story to tell it themselves.

Whether you’re an expert on a particular subject, someone with a fascinating backstory, or an organization with good news (or bad news!), I can suggest the best strategy and products to suit the situation.  I’ll support you to define and develop your brand, and spread your message through books, websites, newsletters, social media and more.  I’ll capture your voice and write to intrigue, inform and entertain.
So, tell me your story…  and I’ll help you tell the rest of the world.

writer, author, ghostwriter, collaborator, communications maven, media relations